Never Again…

June 15, 2012 by tattooed


This poster shows a local “hunk” in uniform, fairly similar to the SS, holding a Jew by his hair. The little Jew is ugly, his face distorted and he has a hooked nose and is trembling with fear. The pockets are designed to express that Jewshave “Pockets full of money”.

The text translates to JOIN OUR BATTLE.

The poster is not from Germany, in the years of 1932 to 1945, but it is printed now, tens of thousands of copies all over Hungary (Date Picture – March 2012).

  • Adriana Puntriano

    I watched this documentary just yesterday, and as a high school student studying historiography, this took an immediate interest. I am outraged at how this poster portrays Jewish people, and that Anti-Semitism continues to be present in 2012. If it were not for this documentary airing on SBS, I probably would not have had any idea about this to be honest, and so I am thankful I saw this at the right time by word of mouth, and then by chance that I saw it airing and remembered. I sincerely hope that more people can view this and become aware, and hopefully work towards positive changes.